Our Approach

We improve your performance by helping your team adopt new behaviors – with you there every step of the way.


As a first step, we focus on defining the desired new behavior of the target group. 


We perform qualitative and quantitative research to find out why people do not exhibit the desired behavior.

Co-create interventions

Together with the client, we co-create behavioral interventions on the subjects of leadership, governance, rules and rule-breaking insights.

Translate to creative products

We develop creative products that are appealing and effective for the target group, such as e-learnings, management games, or design thinking workshops.


We help you keep track of the change and advise you on how to proceed.



The way forward for us is agile.

At the heart of our work philosophy is the understanding that the customer needs to be an integral part of a project’s development process. With that in mind, we facilitate learning interventions by providing professional know-how and expertise, but without crowding out the customer.

In other words, you are always in control.
To make this possible, we use scrum – an agile development methodology for managing project development. The main goal is to offer all stakeholders a flexible development process, in which changes are managed in time and on budget.
A key principle is that the development of the product is cut up into little pieces, called sprints. At the start of every project, the customer receives a sprint plan. Every sprint is then an opportunity for the customer to give feedback and/or make changes. After the approval of each sprint, the development of the project continues, moving closer and closer to its completion.