Change management project

We just finished working on a project for a great client! Our client wanted its employees to print less with as end-goal going paperless. They needed a video that inspires employees to change their printing behaviour.

How did we go about this? 

Enthusing people requires an emotional response. To stimulate an emotional response, storytelling is a very powerful tool. People are attracted to stories, because they are social creatures and relate to other people. If we would tell a story about printing that would evoke an emotional response, then we would get somewhere! 

The next question was: What kind of story? By using SPIN argumentation, we decided on the angle of our story. SPIN argumentation is about emphasising on one side of the story to persuade public opinion in favour or against something. We simply thought: What would we think when our boss would come and tell us that we needed to print less? Would we understand it and why? Our first reaction was, as egocentric as it may be: 

What’s in it for me? 

Therefore, the main SPIN in our story became the benefits employees would get from printing less. To strengthen the emotional response, we incorporated some fun and inspiring elements in our story. But for that, you have to see the video yourself. Would you feel motivated to change your printing behaviour?